Christine Androff


iVibe Power Plate

Christine has been a fitness professional for over a decade. She has always had a strong love and interest in fitness and is excited to share her knowledge at iVibe Power DSC05039-001Plate. During her career, she has managed two health clubs and worked as head fitness trainer. These opportunities increased Christine’s love for fitness and gave her the desire to do more. Researching for ways to maximize workouts for her as well as her clients, Christine found the “Power Plate”, a state of the art way to becoming fit.

Over the past year, she had the opportunity to work closely with spinal rehabilitation and alignment, which took her knowledge to train on the Power Plate to another level. With this type of training, Christine has the experience needed to reduce chances of injury while maximizing her clients workouts leading to faster more visible results in a short period of time. Christine is proud to be an authorized Power Plate professional at iVibe and is excited for the opportunity to train individuals of any age or physical situation.


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