Welcome to Our Gym

JABZ Health & Fitness is a locally owned high energy fitness facility located in Naples, Florida. Formerly Gold’s Gym, we offer top of the line functional training and strength equipment in our 18,000 square feet building.

Gym in Naples

Cardio Equipment

We are very proud of our equipment. We recently spent over one million dollars refurbishing our gym with only the very best cardiovascular machines available.

Cardio Room

We have over one thousand pieces of equipent, including 25 treadmills, fifteen eliptical machines, twenty five upright and recumbent bicycles, rowing machines, and several stair steppers.


We also spared no expense when it came to equipping our gym with freeweights. Our dumbbells run from 2.5 pounds to 150, and in most cases we have several sets of each weight level. Over a dozen Olympic style bars and several hundred plates, all covered with protective rubber.

Naples Gym with Freeweights

We also have as many benches, incline and flat, as you can handle. Even at peak times you’ll never have to wait for someone to finish their sets. There’s always a bench or seat available. We also have stocked JABZ with several squat racks and Smith machines.

Additional freeweight equipment includes preacher curl setups and a full rack of EZ curl bars running over 100 pounds.


In addition to our freeweights, we have several hundred machines to work any body part.

Naples Gym Machines

Spin Studio

If you like to spin, we have a studio with over twenty top of the line spin cycles and a great stereo system. Check out our schedule for class times.

Naples Gym spin class

Mixed Martial Arts with NYMAG *new!

As of May 2012 we have partnered with one of the largest and most successful mixed martial arts gyms in New York state. NYMAG (New York Martial Arts Gym) is the area’s only fully equipped and staffed MMA gym. We have black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors, world champion Muay Thai fighters and many more legitimate and well accomplished instructors who own and teach here. You MUST stop by and check us out!

MMA gym Naples

Boxing Area

We also have a dedicated boxing area with two boxing heavy bags, a double end bag and a speed bag.